Tired of the same old boring workout?

Shake things up with our cool dance courses – different styles, fixed schedules, and all that jazz! Ready to groove? Sign up now via WhatsApp!


Frequently asked questions about Dance course.

Dance course registration must be enquire via WhatsApp. (Fixed course terms)

There will be a total of 4 lessons (1.5hours each) fixed on monthly basis. 

Yes! You may like to join the beginner class and get your body moving! You never know you can actually dance!

As long as you’re 14 years old and above, there’s no age limit. 

Every term get only 1 replacement classes if you ever missed dance class within the course term.

Students are recommended to take beginner course first before proceeding above level. Instructor will focus based on every student’s ability and feedbacks before leveling up. 

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