What you Get

Types of Classes

Yoga Classes

  • Hatha
  • Core Yoga
  • Yin & Yang
  • Wheel Yoga
  • Back to basic
  • Hip & Shoulder opening

Flexibility Classes

  • Deep Stretch
  • Gentle Stretch
  • Splits & Backbend
  • Splits
  • Backbend
  • Strength & Stretch

Dance Course

  • Beginner 
  • Intermediary 
  • K-pop Course

Split and backbend – a class designed to elevate your practice by combining the beauty of backbends with the grace of splits. Prepare to challenge yourself by attempting various flexibility poses that you may not have thought possible!

*Suitable for regular practitioners on our split and backbend / Stretch classes.

Backbend is perfect for anyone who wish to learn in a proper form and techniques. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or new to backbends, this class is designed for joy and exploration. Join us for a thrilling journey to build strength, flexibility, and experience the extraordinary in every bend. Push your limits to achieve different poses such as the wheel, bridge, and drop back. 

*Suitable for all level

Splits class warm up your body with fun, active & passive stretches that increase the flexibility of your hips and hamstrings. Push your limits to achieve different poses such as the flat split, standing front split, and side split. 

*Suitable for all level

Deep Stretch encompasses a full-body stretching routine designed to alleviate tightness in muscles. Anticipate a more deeper stretch compared to our Gentle Stretch class, utilising props like blocks, straps, bands, and wheels to enhance overall mobility, flexibility, and relieve muscle tension.

*Suitable for all level

Strength & Stretch is a class practice that blends strengthening and softening elements. You will experience both, an invigorating practice that tones up the muscle, combined with deep stretches. Basic inversion, arm balance crow poses may be introduced.

*Suitable for all level

Hatha, is a balanced practice that combines gentle yoga poses with breathing exercises. Ideal for beginners, it focuses on improving flexibility, strength, and relaxation, providing a calming experience suitable for all fitness levels.

*Suitable for beginner

Core Yoga helps to enhance the strength and stability of key muscle groups, resulting in improved overall strength. This form of yoga specifically works on your abdominal muscles, aiding in better posture and mastery of challenging poses like arm balances and handstands that rely on core strength and stability. Come join us on the mat for a session that will make you break a sweat and discover the satisfaction of a more resilient core.

*Suitable for all level

Employing the assistance of a yoga wheel helps to relieve tension, loosen tight muscles, and expand flexibility in the chest and shoulder regions. Furthermore, it acts as a prop, enabling students to take on a broader range of poses while providing stability and support in demanding positions such as wheel, bridge, and backbend.

*Suitable for all level

Hip & Shoulder Opening session targets tight hips and shoulders, enhancing flexibility and mobility. You’ll experience improved posture, reduced neck and back tension, and increased range of motion. Join us to achieve a more balanced and relaxed body.

*Suitable for all level

Yin Yang class is a harmonious blend of strength and softness designed to bring balance to your practice. In this session, you’ll experience the invigorating elements of Yang Yoga intertwined with the calming and grounding aspects of Yin Yoga. Prepare for a practice that seamlessly combines dynamic movements with long, deep stretches, fostering a focused and meditative mind. 

*Suitable for absolute beginner

Back to basic is a class dedicated to breaking down postures, emphasising form and alignment. Expect a slower paced class that focus on fundamentals This session provides options for everyone, making it perfect for beginners looking to learn fundamental techniques. 

*Suitable for absolute beginner and regular practitioners looking to revisit the foundations.

Gentle Stretch entails a gradual and thorough stretch of the entire body, specifically focusing on tight muscles to enhance flexibility. This class is perfect for individuals seeking relief from muscle stiffness and aiming to improve overall flexibility. The incorporation of blocks, straps, bands, and wheels serves to amplify mobility and flexibility.

*Suitable for beginner / all level

Beginner course is designed for those with zero foundation or little experience in dance. You’ll learn how to focus on slow steps, isolate movements, and improve your technique. 

Intermediary course is a level up! This course offers a faster pace and more advanced techniques to challenge you and build on your foundation.

K-pop course offers a K-pop course for dancers coming from all levels. Get to learn from your favorite dance group. 

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